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Getting Fired & Other Happenings

So on Sunday I started to not feel so hot, and by Monday when I got to work I was running to the bathroom 3 times in 30 minutes to throw up. I ended up leaving work a good bit early and I called my doctor’s office on the way home to see if they could get me in. By the time they called me back I had already driven to the ER since I had to stop on the side of the freeway to throw up violently again. I was dripping sweat for days and it all seemed to have culminated in whatever illness this was turning out to be.


The ER gave me IV fluids and something for the vomiting which helped, but they couldn’t tell me what was wrong. I spent that day and all day Tuesday and Wednesday taking the pills they gave me to keep me from vomiting just to keep down liquids and still throwing up a lot of what I ate. On Wednesday, right after I had finished throwing up, I got back to bed and realized I had a voicemail. It was from my temp agency so I figured that wasn’t good. It wasn’t.


They were calling to tell me that the employer was terminating my assignment (otherwise known as firing me) since I’d had so many absences. They didn’t even care that all of my absences had doctor’s notes to go with them. So yeah, I am now without a job.


Today I woke up with totally different symptoms than I had the first three days. I am now congested, sneezing, and coughing (and not vomiting). It’s the weirdest sickness I’ve ever had really. And I’m sick of being sick! These sneezes hurt and my nose is starting to hurt from the tissues, and my throat hurts from coughing. Oh, and I’m still achy all over. At least the sweating and vomiting is gone though, that was annoying.


So now I have no job and a lot of homework to do. I have a paper to make up from last week and a blog and a discussion post for this week. It’s all due by Sunday and I still feel like crap. I guess I just have to work through the pain and get it done. Maybe I’ll go to the library so I’m not tempted to roll over and take a nap instead.


Oh, and I can’t forget that I need to start my new job search. I think I will try to get a writing gig or two while I’m waiting for interviews. That will make me feel better about not contributing anymore.


Anyway, it’s 4am. It’s time for me to take my medicine again and try to get some sleep. Can’t get better if I don’t rest, right?


Something I’m Proud Of: Talking with my case worker when I needed her.


Three Things I’m Grateful For:

  • My husband for taking care of me while I’m sick
  • My case worker for checking in on me in this difficult time for me
  • My doggies for snuggling with me when I don’t feel good