About Me

Krysha Thayer

Krysha Thayer

Krysha Thayer has seen the United States from coast to coast having been born in Southern California, raised in Las Vegas, and now living in Vermont’s beautiful Champlain Valley. She has been happily married since September of 2010 to her husband, Quay, and they are raising two wonderful furry children: their boxer-mix named Kasey and schnauzer named Sparky.

Optimistic in all things, Krysha has been diagnosed with Bipolar I since March of 2007 but has been stable since early 2012 with the help of a team of mental health professionals. Through all of this she has been a long-time judge of a poetry contest on Writing.Com where she posts a lot of her writing for peer critique and she has been running a successful freelancing business where she writes search engine optimized articles and web content for clients all around the world. You can see her freelancing blog here.

A senior in Southern New Hampshire University’s Creative Writing program, Krysha’s current projects include a memoir of her experiences as an undergrad with Bipolar Disorder and putting together a self-published book of poetry. She also likes to create artwork that goes along with her written work with charcoal or graphite on paper.

Krysha enjoys being outdoors enjoying the wonderful New England seasons whenever possible. She also enjoys both reading and writing poetry, memoir and romance. In her spare time she likes to cook for her family and bake delicious treats for them (even doggy biscuits). She’d love to visit the Bahamas, England, and India one day and use those adventures in her writing.


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