Getting Back to Work… And Vacation

So I’ve had three small writing jobs since I started freelance writing again. None of them paid extremely well, but I was happy with them and now I’m just waiting for pay. I have a goal of averaging an article a day. So far I am ahead of the game. Today has been unproductive on the freelance writing front but productive in others.


I finished my homework for the week for my Lit Theory class. And since this is the final week, I am done with homework for the next two weeks as well. I am on vacation from school for two weeks! Awesome! And I’m looking forward to my next classes.


In the meantime, I am going to work on some fiction writing so I can get in the right frame of mind for my fiction writing class coming up. There are a few venues I want to submit to over the next couple weeks so I need to get writing!


In another note, I just finished making brownies… Who’s up for brownies?!


Something I’m Proud Of: Not procrastinating on my freelancing jobs


Three Things I’m Grateful For:

  • Hot Water (since we won’t have any until Saturday when the furnace repairman comes)
  • The 3 writing gigs I’ve had so far
  • My vacation from school



Let me know what you think!

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