Wow, I haven’t blogged in forever!

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since September! So much has happened since then but right now I’m going through some physical health issues that kind of trump any Bipolar ones I might have gone through in the last 9 months.

In 2011 I had a pressure headache from hell and had a few seizures. Finally, after a few trips to the ER, they did a spinal tap and realized I had an opening pressure of 35, which is WAY more than the 17 it’s supposed to be less than. After 5 days in the hospital, and a couple more spinal taps, they blamed this pressure on the lithium I was on for my Bipolar and told me to stop taking it.

Fast forward to July 15, 2013 and I have that same pressure headache again. I go to the ER and the same doctor who did the first spinal tap in 2011 sees me. They do a CT scan and blood work to check for the usual things but then it’s time to look at things that I’ve had in the past (like high spinal pressure). They suggest a spinal tap.

The spinal tap takes for. ev. er. They try multiple times to get the puncture and the doctor even has to go get another doctor from a different department to try it. At some point, they hit a nerve and I practically jump off the table when a shooting pain goes down my left leg. Finally, they get it and it’s at 20, which is still higher than 17. So they drain off some extra fluid to release some pressure and give me a bandaid. To get rid of the rest of the headache they give me some Torodol and something for nauseousness. Then I was on my way home.

The next day my back hurt so much I could barely get out of bed, and the next day was no better so I called my primary care doctor and made an appointment for today. She looked at my back and counted EIGHT puncture holes there. There was also some adhesive in them from the bandaid so she cleaned it out. She gave me some pain pills to get me through the next few days and a doctor’s note for the entire week so I don’t have to go back to work until Monday. Hopefully I feel better by then, but I’m pretty sure I will.


Something I’m Proud Of: Seeing the doctor when I needed to instead of running away from it.


Three Things I’m Grateful For:

  • Having a Job
  • My Husband’s Support Through this Physical Illness
  • My Employment Support Specialist’s Help Through This

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