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A Quick Update

So I’m lying in bed. I didn’t get to sleep last night until almost 5am and then I got up about noon to see my caseworker. I was tired and I laid down while hubby was at school. I didn’t intend to actually sleep, just watch TV for a bit and relax, but I ended up falling asleep shortly after he left and I didn’t wake up until he came home.


Oh, and I’m going to spend 4th of July in Arkansas with my best friend, Brooke! I can’t wait to go to actually meet her in person since I’ve only ever known her online and over the phone.


But things have been going okay though. Not good and not bad. Just thought I’d update my blog since I hadn’t done that in a while.


Something I’m Proud Of: Meeting with my caseworker.


Three Things I’m Grateful For:

  • My husband
  • The fact that I can attend school right now to get my Bachelor’s degree
  • The support of my caseworker

I have a to-do list… With writing work on it!

I’m no angel, but please don’t think that I won’t try
I’m no angel, but does that mean that I can’t live my life
I’m no angel, but please don’t think that I can’t cry
I’m no angel, but does that mean that I won’t fly

~ I’m No Angel by Dido ~


I’ve been in a mood for Dido lately and this was the first song to come up on Pandora, *laughs*.


So it’s 11:15pm and I’m sitting at my desk listening to the radio (as well as my husband playing violent video games, lol) and talking to my friend Brooke online. Brooke is my best friend and I’ve never even met her in person. She’s more like a sister than a friend at this point. It’s kind of cool having an older sister. *smile*


But anyway, I got up this morning thinking that my husband was at school, so I slept in until 11 and then got up and took a shower, never even going downstairs to see that he was here the whole time. His morning class got cancelled so he didn’t go to the school. I went with him when he went to go get a haircut and then afterwards we just went to the school and did homework until his class at 6pm.


I got my discussion question answered for my class while I was at the school. It had to do with lingering feelings about the Crusades by Christians and non-Christians. I think I mentioned not being able to find anything in my research about it. Between the few things I *was* able to find and some things that the hubby found for me, I ended up with enough to write my discussion post on. I think I did a pretty good job, too. Hopefully I get 100% on it and I keep this 100% streak going!


Oh, and I started talking to one of my writing clients again today. I had postponed all of my writing assignments due to my Bipolar health. He still needed writing work so I have a small assignment that I am going to be working on. And I got in touch with one of my independent contractor writers to see if she wanted to work with me on a bigger project that got put on the back burner for my health reasons. It feels good to have writing work again and I don’t feel overwhelmed by the decision to start writing again so I know this is a good time.


SO I think I am going to chat with Brooke for a bit longer, keep listening to the radio, and wait for the hubby to get done enjoying his video games. Then I can get to bed. After all, I have a to-do list that actually has some weight to it for the first time in weeks!


Something I’m Proud Of: Taking the step to contact my client again.


Three Things I’m Thankful For:

  • My husband
  • Brooke
  • My doggies

Why Can’t I Research This Stuff!?

If you’re feeling low and lost today
You’re probably doing too much again
You spend all your hours just rushing around
Do you have a little time
Do you have a little time for me?
Slow down my love you’re confusing me
If you’re feeling stressed just try calling
You spend your time waiting for anyone to see
Do you have a little time
Do you have a little time for me?
If you should stop for a while
You will find me standing by
Over here at the side of your life
I’d like to hold you still, remind you of all you’ve missed
If you have a little time
If you have a little time that is

~ Do You Have A Little Time by Dido ~

Okay, so this is the first major road block of this class I am taking right now. I am trying to research the current or lasting influences/attitudes about the Crusades by Christians and non-Christians. I’ve found a few small articles from back when the Christian Church apologized for the Crusades to the Muslims but that’s about it. I’ve been searching for hours now and I can’t find anything that really talks about long-lasting feelings about the Crusades. Even the websites that talk about the effects of the Crusades don’t go very far past them when talking about what they affected. Man, this is going to suck. I need to have this written by tomorrow at midnight and I can’t find anything at all about this!


But the grades for last week’s work are already posted and I got 100% on each of the three assignments we had. I am super excited about doing so well and I’m really hoping that I can keep doing just as good. I am up to an 88% in the class and I really want that A.

As far as non-school things go, however, I’m not doing very well. I’ve realized that I have been unusually clingy to the hubby and I can’t figure out why. I have also had a lot of unusual and irrational fears that need to go away because they are really messing with my head. I talked to my CRT caseworker yesterday about them and she’s attributing them to stress, which I can’t deny. I’ve definitely been putting a lot of stress on myself about contributing to the household in some way and whatnot. I almost feel like I should be freelance writing again so that I can contribute some money to the house. I need to find out if I am going to get the job at the hospital that I interviewed for before I start the process of starting my writing back up again though.

I just wish I was normal.

But other than that, I’m just battling some kind of allergies or a little cold. I have a runny and stuffy nose. It switches whenever it feels like it. And my throat is giving me some trouble. I hope it’s just Spring allergies and it will go away once I get used to all this crap in the air again.

Something I’m Proud Of: Getting 100% on all my assignments for last week in my class.

Three Things I’m Grateful For:

  • Caffeinated soda
  • My new iPhone
  • My husband